Assured position in the leading group on the market
allows us to present extremely wide offer of adverts.
Regular users increase and numerous alternative sections
provide our advertisers with wide range of ways of
reaching the customers directly.

Medium of the 21st century

Internet is the fastest developing mass medium in Poland. According to the IAB report, online advertising market in 2008 reached the value of 1,17 bln PLN, which means a 57% growth in comparison with 2007.

Only the advantages

There are many points indicating the success of Internet advertising:

  • low cost of reaching the recipients
  • long- range medium and its effectiveness
  • precise targeting
  • good audience - high social status
  • full measurement
  • instant verification
  • ability to adjust campaign model and range to the marketing aims
  • common opinion that companies existing in Internet are up-to-date, innovative and dynamic
Trust the experience

INTERIA.PL has many years of experience and is among the leaders on the Polish Internet media market. We extend our offer of advertisement based on high visit rate. Beside traditional advert types (e.g. Billboard, Toplayer, Watermark, Mailing, Sponsored Links) we are able to conduct unconventional actions, created ad hoc in accordance with individual needs of the client. For example we offer interactive contests, sponsoring of a website, questionnaires, sponsored chats, special websites or campaigns with uncommon adverts. Development of our advertisement's offer is permanently under way. Recently new forms have appeared, such as Comet Cursor, Multiscreening and Wide Billboard.

Be easy to find

One of the most significant elements of the portal are searching services based on Google mechanisms. Positioning links and advertising boxes target the client's sites while users search for specific words and phrases. It enables very efficient promotion of the client's websites.

Precisely reach the target

Mailing is one of the most efficient targeting tool. It enables promotion campaign to reach a specific target group which is defined by different categories such as age, interests or branch. The INTERIA.PL mailing base contains nearly 2.000.000 active email accounts. Furthermore, the number of the users is growing constantly.

Full control

The INTERIA.PL portal administers extremely complex statistic analysis tools thanks to implementing the new adserver system by Gemius AdOcean company. It allows us to make advanced targeting, optimalization of the ads and complex tracking of the users behavior. AdOcean system uses the technology of taking into account only appropriate and successful emissions.

Still more possibilities

As we have expanded the ad's emission functionalities and developed new services, we have completed the price list. Its updated version contains an option of more precise geotargeting of campaigns than ever before. Geotargeting can be conducted with respect to a particular city, particular district in Poland or other country. It also contains an option of defining the cycle and sequence of the ads emission.

The INTERIA.PL team.

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